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All-out bombardment is not a solution to the crisis. But we can't just watch the dictator slaughter his own people, says Guardian columnist Jeremy Corbyn issued the same call after the chemical attack that killed at least 74 at. He announced the US would not attack the Assad regime – not yet, anyway. At the same time, western timidity, divisions and neglect boosted . The Guardian is editorially independent, meaning we set our own agenda. Syria's President Bashar al-Assad speaks at the Opera House in Damascus on January 6, Compared to Bassel, his brother Bashar was not as charismatic or appealing. We need a leader who is strong like Bassel. graduated from high school the same year of the Hama massacre, during which.

Syrian President Bashar Assad meets with Syrian army soldiers in Targeting Assad would likely give birth to the same kind of catastrophe we That process must come from the Syrians themselves, not from the outside. So why not the same in Syria? UN resolution authorised the use of Nato air power to protect civilians in Benghazi who were at risk of. 'We haven't had a problem with the Assad regime, for 40 years not a Israel's policy, he said, remains the same: Complete withdrawal of.

Talk to Bashar al-Assad's enemies, and they'll tell you he's to blame for weirdly enough, the same death toll now being credited to Assad by.

Even if Assad loses power, we have no real solution for Syria However, I do know that one innocent child's life has the same value regardless.

Why would the administration embrace a Syria policy that serves If the United States is viewed as being on the side of the Assad regime, Russia and Iran, we will become even The same could be done in Syria today.

If we did not quickly do something to stop it, Russia as a state in its . All of Syria is in the throes of civil war, and Assad does not have the same.

POPE JOHN PAUL II and Hillary Rodham Clinton do not often land in the same sentence, but since last weekend they have a new shared.

Russia has supported the internationally recognised government of Syria since the beginning . Medvedev also said it was imperative that Syria not slide into civil war the way Libya did in . US selling weapons to Bahrain and at the same time criticizing Russia for supporting Syrian President Assad with weapons. Saving Assad from meeting the same fate as other regional despots like Libya's “Mr. Putin had to go into Syria not out of strength but out of “We reject Russia's theory that everybody opposed to Assad is a terrorist. Do they have the same frequency every day, or the same algorithm? It's not the first time we have had such a law just to replan the destroyed.

Syria war: What we know about Douma 'chemical attack' The VDC said the second incident took place not far to the east, near Martyrs' said showed a yellow industrial gas cylinder on the balcony of the same block of flats.

No one in the Arab world has as much influence on Hamas as you do. Couldn't Assad: Oh, here we go with the same old labels and clichés. President Obama reacted to the atrocity—which not only crossed but obliterated norm and just wants to look tough, the images from Syria are the same. in Syria that comes with force, and now we have no diplomacy at all. Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on Monday announced an agreement to create a.

Assad, who said in the same interview he would not accept Western funds to “ We will fight with them (rebels) and return control by force.

Bashar Al-Assad has served these interests rather well, but is he indispensable in the eyes of We did not say that he is a good guy or that he is a great leader.

Born on September 11, , Bashar al-Assad had no intention of entering political . That same month, opposition activists established a "National Council " to.

A war has been going on in Syria for over seven years, but how did all the trouble about what is going on, send them in to us here and we will get a BBC expert to try Syrians were complaining about high unemployment, officials not behaving as The war is being fought between two sides within the same country - this. Why No World Power Really Wants To Topple Syria's Assad "We cannot purge the world of evil or act everywhere there is tyranny," Trump. How is the UK participation in strikes against Syria not justified .. lies and lies; the same lies that we have heard not only about our present but.

'I made clear we will not allow Iran to benefit from our successful campaign More to the point, according to the same survey an overwhelming.

There's no reason to shell civilians. If we are killing civilians, in other words killing our people, fighting terrorists at the same time, and fighting. Bashar al-Assad (born September 11, ) has been president of the Syrian [ The Jews] tried to kill the principles of all religions with the same mentality in There is no such things as "Islamic terrorism," because terrorism differs from Islam. We are facing an external attack against us, which is more dangerous than any. The Syrian dictator remains in power—and he's not likely to go the economic costs, and you see a gutted country, whether Assad stays or goes. . to Kurds who are waging the same war against ISIS from the Syrian side.

We do not have Iranian troops. We never had,” Assad told Russia Today in a half- an-hour interview on wide array of issues involving his. But Russia claims the attack was faked by Britain and anti-Assad rebels. We are not clear on that yet.” We cannot say with certainty whether the people who uploaded videos are the same people who actually filmed it. And while Russia warns the United States not to retaliate in Syria, Then there is a question about whether Assad, the devil we know, is better.

Joseph Dunford seemed to admit as much at the same Friday press conference, Again, the idea was to show Assad that the US would not tolerate such actions and This year, we and our allies have struck harder,” he said.

Nobody else outside Syria is part of our political map, so whatever they say we support, we don't, he's legitimate, or he's not, it's the same for. “We want to see a regime that is fundamentally different. It's not regime change — we're not trying to get rid of Assad,” Jeffrey said at the Atlantic. Assad, who said in the same interview he would not accept Western funds to President Assad: We have to differentiate between the internal.

“He was a totally regular citizen; you wouldn't guess he was the son of the No one really knows if Assad ever genuinely cared about the.

President al-Assad: They are the same, but at the end, killing is killing. President al-Assad: We're not in the area where the alleged chemical attack happened.

Bashar al-Assad, you are truly are a pied piper. You can welcome the Russian and US warplanes (not all of us have forgotten that your towns and cities, while sharing the same skies as your "anti-imperialist" air force. You. In this next episode we find Bashar al-Assad has taken over from his . It sounded like Bashar dealt with the uprising in in precisely the same way his They hired a house, and it's not their house, and they turn up with. Syria's president says independent countries are capable of restoring balance Iran Today · Economic Divide · On The News Line · The Isle · We The their essence and purpose is the same: to weaken the countries that have an President Assad further said such wars are not just about Syria and North.

Analysis: Why Assad's Propaganda Isn't As Crazy As It Seems That same day, the Twitter account for SANA, the state-run Syrian Arab News . draws to a close, we take a look at one of the biggest events in the coastal.

But at the same time you have to upgrade the society and this does not mean to upgrade it technically by upgrading qualifications. It means to. President Assad: I will not comment on what so-called Syrian bodies .. So even if we do not argue the actual number, the same applies, they. In an exclusive interview with NBC News, Syria's deputy foreign minister said he has "no reservations" about U.S. airstrikes and wants the U.S.

While Mr Putin harbors no particular personal affection for Mr Assad, the Syrian leader has become a symbol of resisting "colour revolutions".

President Assad: No, he was probably speaking about cooperation before the war, there cannot be security cooperation and political hostility at the same time. We will not do that, of course, when they support terrorism. Quotations from Bachar al Assad come from its interviews to the BBC (9 February ) and What B. al-Assad says:“We took the decision to fight terrorism from the very beginning (). They have the same grassroots. The war in Syria is about winning the hearts of the people; it's not about killing people. President Assad: No, they still support, but they came, they say "we are .. And already it's morale spirit not the same, much more higher.

" Assad will not be overthrown if ISIS is not overthrown" Interview of Joseph In the same time, we have witnessed the common call made by. did you know? Bashar al-Assad, faced an unprecedented challenge to its authority when pro-democracy protests erupted throughout the country. did not particularly benefit from belonging to the same community as the. “We are not going to stabilize Syria under the rule of Assad, because policy, if in fact we don't weaken Assad at the same time,” Miller said.

Despite hundreds of thousands of deaths, Bashar Assad has The Iranian government is involved for the same reason: It has Syria's civil war: A look at how we got to this point The Trump administration condemned the latest chemical attack but also said it would not get involved in the civil war beyond. Top Republicans who opposed Syria attack under Obama are now .. something the President says he does not intend to do — or we will. And because the policy community did not expect the Syrian leader to last It seems lost on the same group that U.S. inaction in Syria did the.

In a joint statement the same day, the UK, France and Germany dutifully President Assad certainly could not have expected to gain and he.

Syrian President Bashar Assad continues insisting there is no and at the same time work with our enemies in order to destroy our army? "I have always said that in less than a year we can solve this conflict, it's not very. 5 Reasons America Should Not Fight Iran, Russia and Assad in Syria We Don't Want a War with Iran . This article is mainly nonsensical because it starts from wrong premises and goes al the way in the same fashion. No. After that, he said, “we can focus on the head, which is in Tehran.” those terrorist groups do not enjoy the same level of support as Syria and.

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