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Unfortunately, ProgrammableWeb no longer maintains a record of this API. Usually this happens when the API provider notifies us that the API has been. App store analytics specialist Distimo has launched a new SDK today to give app developers a single solution for tracking download. This is the official plugin for the Distimo SDK in Apache Cordova/PhoneGap. The DistimoSDK plugin for Apache Cordova allows you to use Distimo Conversion.

App Analytics firm Distimo has recently (yesterday) announced the launch of its new: Distimo Conversion Tracking SDK, which aims to give app. The SDK automatically synchronizes all translatable content out of your Distimo -. App Annie icon. "We speak to many app publishers globally, and the. App analytics company Distimo has added a conversion tracking SDK to its product portfolio, allowing developers to measure the impact of.

Distimo SDK by platogo. v updated 1 star. This is the official plugin for the Distimo SDK in Apache Cordova/PhoneGap. The DistimoSDK plugin for.

New Distimo Conversion Tracking Provides App Developers with a Free, One- Stop Shop to Analyze App Transaction Data and the Lifetime.

App Annie is the standard in app analytics and app market data, giving you one easy-to-use platform for running every stage of your app business.

@distimo. The #1 App Analytics and the most accurate App Data. Trusted by developers worldwide to track over , apps. Netherlands. Distimo has launched a Conversion Tracking SDK (Software Development Kit) which offers app developers a cross-platform method for measuring and. Its free analytics product covers all major app stores and integrates directly into apps through an SDK to offer conversion tracking functionality for various ad.

On Wednesday morning, Distimo announced the launch of Conversion Tracking, a free Software Development Kit (SDK) that offers app.

Distimo. Title At Company. CEO and Co-Founder. Start Date. May . Vincent Hoogsteder: The Next Web — Distimo's new SDK Helps App Developers . The term software development kit, commonly referred to as SDK, is one Every single analytic platform (Flurry, Motally, Distimo), ad network. All features of Distimo App Analytics, Conversion Tracking, The Distimo App and the API are free forever regardless of company size, number of.

Google Analytics, Distimo SDK 7. Bar-code scanning - 8. Ad Integration(Google AdMob) 9. APP performance and memory optimization My first concern is the.

AppAnnie & Distimo (it was purchased by App Annie last year) 2. Learn how to secure your application and help prevent bot accounts via Twilio Verify API.

I have mastered iOS7 and Android SDk with great knowledge in iOS and the API - Push notification(GCM, Parse SDK) - Google Analytics, Distimo SDK.

Sense SDK Expands Mobile Location Aware Technology Capabilities Using the API, Distimo App Analytics users can access data like downloads. 2) if Distimo is disqualifying non-AppStore-verified purchases (for example, from a jailbroken device), that could account for a discrepancy. Facebook Analytics. Distimo: This platform was acquired and is now part of App Annie. . funnels, and once you install the SDK, it doesn't require any coding to track metrics.

Breakouts, analysis and charts by Distimo for mobile application download revenue across dimensions such as country, operating system, etc.

DISTIMO's top competitors are Apptopia, Trendmojo and Cnet Analysis. See DISTIMO's revenue, employees, and funding info on Owler, the world's largest.

Distimo API Documentation. Today, Distimo provides the #1 free app analytics platform for developers, alongside the most accurate market data for any app. posts; Corona SDK. 01 September - PM. Any one using Distimo Monitor? It looks interesting as they can also track android and other markets. Hello Adobe, For my native ios and android apps i do use this web tool - http:// Adding a small sdk inside.

Metaio's New SDK Allows SLAM Mapping From 1, Feet its cross-platform app tracking service known as Distimo Monitor to Distimo Analytics today, and ad . It bought Distimo (app store analytics) in , Mobidia Technology (app analytics) in . is automatic, occurs on a daily basis and requires no API or SDK setup. Distimo's latest report covers the use of apps stores and app strategies It all falls under “ Sony 's Add-on SDK”, giving developers access to.

A new SDK economy has sprung up to support the needs of the analytics ( tracking sales & downloads) from the likes of Distimo and App.

With this API you can search and explore Mashape's Marketplace. Today, Distimo provides the #1 free app analytics platform for developers, alongside the . Official Distimo SDK PhoneGap Build plugin. Google Analytics SDK plugin for Cordova / PhoneGap iOS. growl transition duration patch. A sample of. there is a learning curve with the introduction of a new API as well as merges for Facebook connect, Google Analytics, and Distimo SDK;.

This list of mobile app distribution platforms includes digital distribution platforms that are . software distribution, customized user interface, SDK and API (except billing API which is related only to application store). "App Stores:Distimo". Check Out Distimo, One of The Most Used Resources For Mobile Developers On Android SDK | Android Developers. Android StudioAndroid Developer Magazine. Distimo Makes API Free to All App Developers/ | App Developer Magazine.

Easy and free: The SDK can be installed quickly, and there are no standard .. As per Distimo reports, the top free apps generated over 3.

Facebook connect, Google Analytics, and Distimo SDK; support reading audio metadata; and additional support for the EmailSender plugin. Fortunately, Distimo SDK offers further additional options that includes, an easy method to track download conversion statistics and measuring. VirusTotal's antivirus scan report for the file with MD5 adaba0eb45aa43db at UTC. 1 out of

API Evangelist is a network of data driven projects and APIs which I curate and Distimo has a very clear objective: to make the app market transparent.

Five reasons schools should teach Corona SDK According to Distimo, "The vast majority of all revenue generated in the Apple App Store and. Third party providers such as Distimo and AppFeds also produce Store-wide . ( Note that Flurry, the most popular analytics SDK for Windows. App analytics firm Distimo said the iPhone App Store is generating about it's on a roll, paying out $, to developers who install its SDK.

Dutch app store analytics firm Distimo has some great info posted on iPad SDK's surprise: There are no surprises ().

7 remote development, 8 screenshots, 15 SDK, 7 title, 10 App Store AppAdvice , 22 Broad-spectrum advertising, 24 D □ Distimo tool, 52 Downloads tracking.

App Annie says its purchase of Distimo is atypical of the M&A 5Rocks deal, which he said would result in a single SDK that incorporates both.

Here are our favorites and what we like or don't like about them. These tools don't require the installation of an SDK, so don't hesitate to try them by yourself to. Publisher performance data. Installed SDKs. Development Tool (15). SDK Name, SDK Usage 13%. User Acquisition (1). SDK Name, SDK Usage. Yozio. 13%. Distimo SDK opens additional options, including an easy way to follow download conversion statistics or to measure effectiveness of multiple.

Amazon's introduction of an in-app purchasing API earlier this month and Distimo, which has specialized in app store market analytics.

Download the TestFlight SDK to access more features. One of the most popular SDKs Keen IO - The API for Custom Analytics. Keen IO's.

According to Distimo, a smartphone analyst, 72% of purchases in customisable In-App Payments SDK;» Apple provides app analytics on the.

TestFlight SDK PluginCordova plugin for the TestFlight SDK . This is the official plugin for the Distimo SDK in Apache Cordova/PhoneGap. The DistimoSDK.

The package has a very easy to set-up API with minimal work on the Distimo is a pretty unique solution for tracking app statistics. It doesn't.

Simple tracking (screens/events) for Google Analytics SDK (iOS/Android) This is the official plugin for the Distimo SDK in Apache Cordova/PhoneGap.

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