Genesys Interaction Workspace

Starting with release , Interaction Workspace SIP Endpoint shall be known as Workspace SIP Endpoint. The release of Workspace SIP.

Section interaction-workspace. These options can be configured on the following Configuration Layer objects: Workspace Application object.

Genesys Interaction Workspace transforms how agents manage customer conversations seamlessly across multiple channels. With this innovative desktop. About Genesys. Alcatel-Lucent's Genesys solutions feature leading software that manages customer interactions over phone, Web, and mobile devices. The Section interaction-workspace topic of the Workspace Deployment Guide breaks down the categories and provides a brief description of.

Topology. You can deploy Workspace in two different deployment configurations, depending upon the arrangement of your network; they are. The Interaction Workspace Plugin (IWS) sample illustrates how to implement an IWS plugin application that communicates with GMS and. The Workspace agent interface enables users to invoke interactions that are related to existing interactions -- thus ensuring a consistent.

User's Guide for Genesys Workspace Desktop Edition (Workspace). see the PDF version of the Interaction Workspace User's Guide.

Genesys Workspace Desktop Edition (Workspace) is a modular, customizable Use the Windows and Views to handle customer interactions.

interaction-workspace Section The majority of Workspace configuration options are configured in the interaction-workspace section. This is a.

Introducing Workspace Desktop Edition; What are Workspace Desktop is supported only for the purpose of Workspace Desktop Edition customization. Gadget Windows · Interactions Window · Toaster Window · Toolbar. General Information - Workspace Desktop Edition. This product was called Interaction Workspace prior to release Work items are interactions which are not predefined in Workspace Desktop Edition, in opposition to e-mail, instant messaging, voice, and chat.

Using Genesys Administrator Extension to set up the Workspace Use this option if you are planning to deploy Interaction Workspace SIP. Please see the Genesys website at for more details. This release note applies to all releases of Interaction Workspace. Links in. [Modified: , ]. The Workspace SIP Endpoint is an optional plug-in or standalone application for Workspace. It is available.

Workspace employs the following privileges for all workbin interactions: Can Use Workbins. You can use configuration options in each section.

the Table - Interoperability between Workspace Desktop Edition and other Genesys Products Interaction Workspace connections to the Genesys 8 Suite. Workspace Desktop Edition Deployment Guide. 7 . The Workspace agent interface enables users to invoke interactions that are related to. Installing the Interaction Workspace application on a client desktop. Purpose: To install the Workspace client application on your local agent.

You can change the appearance of the Workspace interface by transcript, and interaction data tooltip); Email (text entry and inbound email.

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